Tiny houses... woven ones

I've really enjoyed seeing the new Fringeless pieces everyone is weaving.

We did a drawing for one of the pieces Sarah Swett wove during the filming of the online class, and this little tapestry is coming to live with Tina W. Congratulations Tina! (everyone who registered before July 31st was entered in the drawing and a random number generator did the choosing).

Four selvedge tapestry by Sarah C. Swett

The video in Fringeless of us weaving on two looms at the same time shows her working on this piece including her decisions about how to weave the moon.

Sarah Swett starting the tiny house tapestry

If you'd like more information about the online class, start HERE. I've been adding images to that page of the four selvedge pieces I've seen come out of the class in the last few weeks. Visit often for updates!

Sarah C. Swett, four selvedge tapestry, wool