Bead weaving... I finally finished a weave-along!

I have attempted a few of Mirrix Loom's weave alongs but have been what you might call a non-completer. Time moves so fast, you know?

But this particular one didn't take as long and I was highly motivated because I loved the project and here it is... Weave Along 26.

Yep. Beads.

Rebecca Mezoff, #weavealong26

Claudia Chase, Elena's original bracelet.

I wove beads as a kid. I had enough sentimental attachment to the process that I still have my little bead loom and some ancient baggies of those brightly colored seed beads you find in the American Southwest. I made beaded barrettes and key chains first and in high school made long shiny earrings. I now wonder if that was the source of my social awkwardness (or was it the clarinet always in my hand?)

I used my 8 inch Lani loom which seemed fitting since Elena, for whom the loom is named, was the person wearing the bracelet that made me say, "I want to make that." Her bracelet was made by Claudia...  and so Elena and Claudia made a weave along about it! (I suspect I had nothing to do with that.)

The bracelet on the loom with patterns that were likely influenced by my New Mexico childhood beading. Chevrons are a thing in New Mexico.

Rebecca Mezoff, #weavealong26

Rebecca Mezoff, #weavealong26

I didn't get the length quite right. The bracelet was supposed to wrap around three times, but it was just too loose for me to actually wear it like this. It was a measurement error on my part. 

Rebecca Mezoff, #weavealong26

Fortunately I anticipated that error and left the cord long enough I could get anther wrap around with a little longer end cord and it was perfect.

HERE is the Mirrix blog post about the project.

Rebecca Mezoff, weavealong26

Ima gonna make another.