Mirrix Weave-Along

Weaving along with Mirrix

There is a lot going on lately around here. More than I'd even like to think about. But one of the things I have been determined to catch up with is the Mirrix Weave-Along #14. I have never done a weave-along but Claudia caught my attention with this one. We are going to learn to use two shedding devices at once on the Mirrix to weave at two setts. Of course this is possible without using a shedding device, but being able to use two shedders at once was more than I could stand. I signed up.

I got my second shedding device for my 22 inch loom. I decided to use this loom because it is an older one with the plastic clips. I can install the new wooden clips I bought and then take the plastic ones on and off. I somehow thought getting the wooden clips on would be really difficult--thoughts of disassembling the loom, losing little parts, not being able to get it back together. Nope. You just slide out a couple of bushings. I didn't even need a pair of pliers.

Claudia recommended warping at 12 epi. But she said we could go for 14 or 18, and being the over-achiever, I dug out my 18 dent spring (never been used of course) and the skinniest warp I had and started warping. It sure takes a lot longer to warp 18 epi than 8 or 10! But determined to catch up, I soldiered on with the help of a little bit of wine. Hopefully not enough to impair my warping judgement though. I don't want to have to redo this thing.

Noteably, I have finished the glass of wine in this photo and I have just begun warping. Due to the move or perhaps my chronic disorganization, it took a little swearing hunting to find all the parts of one loom. Oh yes, I could find the springs of one, the shedder of another, the rods for a third but unless you find all the parts for the same SIZE loom, you're hosed. I finally did.

Stay tuned for the evolution of this particular adventure. Considering I'm off for some teaching and then a Joan Baxter workshop in New Mexico in a couple days, I may be hard-pressed to catch up and stay there. But I'll give it a go. At this moment, a little gremlin is muttering in my ear, "what weft do you think you're going to use at 18 epi? Huh?" The angel on my shoulder is murmuring, "you'll figure it out. This studio is full of yarn." I am not sure which one is right.

(Yep, Joan Baxter is in the USA right now. Some of us are lucky enough to be in one of her workshops. I. Can't. Wait.)