Preparations! (for Fringeless)

So I made a mistake. Maybe.

The jury is still out.

There is a whole industry around teaching online classes and I have taken many classes in how to build successful online classes.  And I have built some great ones, so clearly the information I've learned is useful. 

But all of those experts advise opening registration in your online class before the class content opens. Build excitement they say. Get them invested with a little bit of content they say. Get them all pumped up they say.

So for Fringeless, I decided to do that.

And I found out that tapestry weavers are an amazingly enthusiastic bunch!

But now I can say that opening the registration early might have been a mistake. Sure everyone is excited and waiting expectantly for the course to begin. But us weavers also want to know how things work and we want to know now. My inbox has been absolutely flooded with questions about looms and jigs and how the warping work.


All of those questions are what the course is about. If you have those questions, yay! This course is for you! They'll all be answered when the course opens.

If you're not sure whether the course is for you, please review my website page about it. Look at Sarah's blog. She teaches most of the course content and if you adore her, you'll love the course even if you never weave one single four selvedge tapestry (yes, she is that good).

But I will admit that a lot of those questions were perfectly natural and so this morning I did a Facebook Live in which I answered some of the ones I've been hearing. You can watch it below. It was actually the second take. It was one of those mornings where I was all ready and had the shoot set up in my basement in a nice clean well-lit space and then the internet just wouldn't cooperate... so, two takes. And that explains my exasperation at the beginning. Thanks to all the people who stuck around for the second go!

The course opens July 9th. It has been such fun to make. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

You can register right now. (GRIN)

Pssst... if you register by midnight July 9th, your name will go into a pool to win one of the tapestries Sarah wove during the filming of the class. I show it in that video.