France Tapestry Tour 2019, Episode 10, Aubusson Day 3

On our last full day in Aubusson we visited two different weaving studios, a conservation studio, and Roger Thierry’s dye studio.

Below is Episode #10 of my France video blog.

The photo below is from Atelier A2. I wanted to capture how the shedding works on the Aubusson looms. As you can see, each set of treadles is connected to the two sheds in the area where the weaver is sitting. This allows several weavers to work on one loom as they are only treadling the section they are working on. The heddles loop around the warps from the underside and there is no need for a castle like you’d see on low-warp looms in the United States.

France-Odile Perrin-Criniére is a heddler. This is an old word which was used to describe someone who has mastered the art of tapestry, the heddle being one of the major tools of the art of weaving.
— Atelier A2 brochure

I want to be a heddler!