I am tentatively willing to admit...

I am tentatively willing to admit that I might need an intervention of some sort.

While shooting some video today about how to start a continuous tapestry warp so your edges don't get saggy (in the newsletter on Thursday!), I became a little obsessed by a memory. Of a knitting project. I was sure it existed. I could see myself in my room at Penland working on it. I finished filming and pulled up the pictures from those two weeks. Nothing. Until I saw this photo from the day before I left.


Evidence that there had been a project. Then I remembered that it was a shawl and I really liked this yarn. Then I remembered standing in The Loopy Ewe trying to decide between Dream and Madelinetosh. 

THEN I found THIS blog post. Evidence is overwhelming that my mind did not make up the presence of this particular knitting project in my life. I think I even knitted about a third of it on the trip.

The problem?

I can't find it now. I tried to clean up my "fiber areas" before leaving on my long hiking trip so Emily could pretend she lived in a house where things were kept neatly organized as she would prefer. But that "cleaning" resulted in a total loss of the shawl... which I dearly wish I had right now to work on while editing this video. See how that comes full circle. Geez.