The things I learned today... including the secret of weaving progress

You can hold off on the stash intervention. I found my knitting. I can't believe I hadn't knitted anything for a month and a half and what's more, hadn't even thought of looking for the project in that time.

But I did find it tucked into the back of one of the living room bookcases on top of the maps. Just hiding innocently in the back dark corner. I think I need a nice big knitting basket that lives permanently next to my "spot" on the couch.

And when I pulled it out, I found that I had done far less of the shawl than I "remembered". Ah well. I have another trip coming up in a couple weeks and this project can go along.

For those of you who asked, the shawl is Light in Shadows by Milja Uimonem. And no, I didn't know that until I found it and pulled out the pattern. Yarn is Jilly by Dream in Color.


What I am wondering as I look at this yarn is, can I spin something like this myself?

I wouldn't have thought so until recently, but Jillian Moreno's new book Yarnitecture has given me a great deal of courage! (Whoot! And when I went to Amazon to get the link for that book, I learned that it is the #1 bestseller in spinning right now. It totally should be. What an amazing book.)

The second thing I learned today was that friends with yarn stashes are a great thing! I had an early morning yarn drop off today. I had her back up to the garage to disguise the transfer. Can't have the neighbors talking you know... and because the yarn shelves are full and the garage is not. Just a minor problem I am sure. She had a large stash of wool she no longer wants and I can put to good use. Thanks so much Barb! The Shetland will be very useful for a few upcoming projects but the Connie Taylor churro is really what made me smile. Beautiful stuff. 

And the last thing I learned today? If you sit at the loom and weave for 6 hours, you get a lot woven. I am so thrilled at my progress today and hope to repeat it over Labor Day weekend three times. I might even get the first two panels off the loom. Be still my heart. I was spurred to this feat by a course I had to watch and the fact that the rest of my computer workload was put-off-able for a few hours.

Below is the end of the BIG BLUE SQUARE. I was quite pleased by the gradation... from the back anyway. For I do indeed weave from the back on a low-warp loom. Those little blips of yarn you see are from the blending together of new colors. The front will be completely smooth (we hope).