Not good at knots?

I do often hear students say they're not good with knots. Fortunately in tapestry weaving, you really only need to know a couple. One is a plain old square knot, sometimes done with an extra twist (surgeon's throw), and the other is the double half-hitch. Unless you are weaving on a floor loom and tying on a new warp, you can probably get way with only using these two knots for your whole tapestry weaving career.

I have had several online students tell me they are struggling with saggy edge warps this week, so I made this little video showing how to do a double half-hitch knot to end your warp. This knot is one that slides and you can tighten your warp up really nicely and it will stay.

Do you struggle with knots? Do you use others? Leave a comment below and share this post with your tapestry friends.