Weaving in your home pants... all in the video

I really love teaching my online classes. When I started the project to create online tapestry classes about four years ago now, I thought I'd like it, but I didn't really know. There was so much to learn! Technology is a constant struggle and I feel like I learn a new piece of software every day. But it is so worth it. Because tech is getting easier for me and the students alike and so we can have online classes.

The huge benefit of an online class is time. You get to work through the material at your own pace and ask me questions whenever you want to. Have a trip to Boise planned? That is okay. I'll be here when you get back. Have to take six months off because your 7-year-old has a new and serious health condition? It is okay. Come back when you can (and I hope the weaving helps relieve some stress). Life happens. The course will be there when you are ready. And of course, as I love to say, you can take the course in your "home pants" and no one will judge.

I have really enjoyed seeing what the online Color Gradation Techniques class has come up with over the last few months. I put together this video with some of their work. 

HINT: If you're receiving this blog via email, you might see a big blank space directly below. I'm working on how to fix that! But in the meantime, you need to go to the blog on the internet to watch the video. Click HERE.

The video is short, so give it a watch. Now is the time. (Well, it isn't the time for everyone, but it might well be the time for you.) I'm accepting new students in my online Color Gradations class this month. It is the perfect time to play with color in tapestry. You can find out more on my website HERE.

(And I know that many people think they "should" really take the full course, the one that I actively teach. But my mother always says, "don't should on yourself." If you know you are the person that only needs the information and not the feedback, the self-directed version is exactly what you should sign up for.)