Yesterday's Red

Occasionally pieces I wove a long time ago pop up.

Before I became James Koehler's apprentice. Before I really knew all that much about weaving tapestry. Before I was an ATA member and read about tapestry and went to lots of shows and learned everything I could... back at the beginning, I wove some very simple things.

It turns out this one at least, is lovely.

I wove this tapestry before it all. And a psychologist who is a life-long friend of my mother's bought it for her office. That she purchased this piece originally for her waiting room and actually hung it there was a huge boost to me as a new weaver. That it is still hanging there and she still loves it is an even bigger compliment to me now.

I was able to visit it on my teaching trip last month. She has moved to a new office with yellow walls and Yesterday's Red looks great. 

Rebecca Mezoff, Yesterday's Red, tapestry weaving, private collection, New York, probably woven in 2005

There is a gradation in the horizontal bars and the red-orange squares and the bright blue background are solid. There might be 12 colors in this piece.

Note to current dye-crazy self: you might not need so many colors.
Note to color theory students: Even in this photo you can see the way the red-orange changes against that background. Value plus simultaneous contrast. The red is the same color.