Weaving love

Valentines Day is an easy day to latch onto the idea of weaving tiny things, maybe even a heart. Whether or not you embrace a day which often just seems like a Hallmark holiday designed to get us to buy chocolate, wine, and flowers (admittedly I love all those things), it is a very good day to remember to love the people around you. Be kind to each other!

If you weave something in celebration of love or friendship or community, send me a photo and I’ll post it below. You can see a past year’s collection HERE if you need inspiration! And a few people have already jumped on board this year.

Two years ago I posted a woven heart project and you can find it HERE if you want to try it this year. The image below is from that post.

#thetapestryheart, Rebecca Mezoff

Rebecca Mezoff, Balloon Hearts, tapestry, 12 epi, Weavers Bazaar wool weft, cotton warp