Making choices

Anyone else really bad at making decisions?

I’m the worst.

I suppose it depends on what I have to decide about, but sometimes I’m a twitching mess of indecision. This place is painful and I’ve worked hard to learn to settle into the reasons for the struggle and listen for the right answer. That is slightly easier to do when it comes to which pizza to order than when I’m trying to decide on a design for a huge tapestry. But let’s face it, even choosing clothes for a trip to see tapestries in France can seem pretty difficult some days. (It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, right? The weight of the world in a pair of shoes…)


These sorts of indecisive moments become a habit. At least they do for me. This is part of my personality and one that I wish was different some days. I want to be one of those people who just knows the right answer and goes with it quickly. But I’m not. Maybe you’re not either.

I’ve agonized over purchasing online classes. I have purchased a few that I have hardly looked at and I have used others consistently for years. The ones I use were clearly good choices. The others may or may not have been a mistake. Like the pizza, a $15 Craftsy (now bluPrint) class is not something to fuss much about. $15 could have been better spent if I’m never going to sit down and learn that knitting technique, but it isn’t the end of the world. However the classes that cost hundreds of dollars, those are the ones that give me pause. That decision is harder even though I know the content and support from the course author will help me learn that thing I need to know to take the next step.

I believe in the classes I create. They are the classes I wanted when I was struggling to learn more about tapestry. They are designed to be initial instruction when you first view them as well as long-term references to return to as you need them years from now.

Realizing that choosing can be paralyzing and might keep you from any choice at all, I made a video this week where I talk about each of the four online classes I am currently offering.* You can watch it below. It comes with a printed guide to choosing which online class to take next. You can download that HERE.

If you get the blog via email, you’ll want to click HERE to see the video online.

I’ve also reorganized my YouTube channel. There are now so many videos that it was getting hard even for me to find the ones I wanted to link to. I’ve added some organization there so you can find what you need. The channel is HERE. Make sure to click the red Subscribe button while you’re there so you get notifications of my new free content.

Watch that video and if you need more help deciding which class to start with, there is more information on the Online Learning page of my website along with lots of FAQ pages. Sometimes the voices of other people who have made the same decision to dive into an online class about tapestry weaving helps a lot. You’ll find a great collection on my Review page.

For those of you who have taken a few or all of my online classes, does my description in the video mesh with your experience? Let me know in the comments!

*There are four now. There will be more. There will never be less. All of my courses come with “forever” access. Forever is in quotes because I am pretty sure I’m not immortal.