The blog began eleven years ago, April 20, 2008.

I started it on Blogger before I had any thoughts of ever teaching tapestry much less making weaving my whole career.

I moved the blog to my website years later and though it could use a good going over with an eye to fixing links and making a better tagging system, it is one long glorious song about the joy of making things.

Occasionally someone will write me and say they sat down and read the whole thing from the beginning. I like to think maybe they had the flu and had inexplicably run out of unread books and Harry Potter movies. But maybe it is just the sign of someone who starts a project and decides to see it through to the end. That seems like a trait a tapestry weaver would have. Plus there is a lot of good stuff in there though it is mixed with a lot of goofiness.

It is impossible to summarize so many years of writing about all manner of topics, largely tapestry-related. I have posts about yarn and my favorite tools and dyeing. And there are posts about whatever I’m weaving on at the moment and artist residencies and inspiration from other artists. There are series of teaching posts about things like sett and silly videos just meant to make me laugh. And there is the butterfly post which I still read myself from time to time.

The blog started as a way to share my weaving progress with my friends and family but it didn’t take long before I realized I really enjoyed writing it. It is fun to share this artistic journey with other people and so far I have no thought of stopping. I hope some of it has been useful, made you laugh, or encouraged you to keep weaving yourself.

The gallery below has photos from the last eleven years. (Hint: If you get the blog via email, you can click HERE to see it online where there are thumbnails and captions.)

Click the images to enlarge, hover for captions, use the arrows to scroll. There are some date references in the photo captions. These refer to blog dates. Note that the blog has a search function and an archive function that will allow you to find specific dates.

What blog content has been your favorite over the years? Do you love the more personal posts? The goofy stuff? The show reviews? The technique posts?

Tell us in the comments!